2016 Board announced

The results are in! AATIA Secretary Rose Tempfer reports that the following members have been elected to the AATIA Board of Directors for 2016:

New AATIA President Tony Beckwith

New AATIA President Tony Beckwith

President: Tony Beckwith
Secretary: Rose Tempfer
Director of Membership: Ruth Carroll
Director of Finance: Veronica Flores
Director of Communications (interim): Laura Vlasman
Director of Professional Development: Monika Spindel

“Congratulations and welcome to our new Board members and welcome back to those returning!” said Rose. “I’m so excited to have such an incredible group of people leading our organization. A huge thank you to all for volunteering your time! And the warmest of welcomes to Tony, Ruth, and Laura! I know that 2016 is going to be a great year for AATIA!”

Note from the new interim Director of Communications (yours truly): I have agreed to step into the Communications position on an interim basis because we are at a crucial juncture in our lengthy website project and, as the Director of Communications is chiefly responsible for the website, we can’t let that position remain vacant. The Board will continue to seek someone to take over as the “real” Director of Communications, however. If you’re interested, or even if you think you might be interested, please contact me!