2018 Board election results

Congratulations to the newly reelected members of the AATIA Board of Directors: Tony Beckwith (President), Rose Tempfer (Secretary), Laura Vlasman (Director of Communications), Veronica Flores (Director of Finance), Gisela Greenlee (Director of Membership), and Monika Spindel (Director of Professional Development).

In addition, the following members have volunteered to serve as shadow Board members who will work with the current Board members to “learn the ropes” during 2018 and then take over in their respective positions in 2019: Marco Hanson (Shadow President), Sara Baiz (Shadow Secretary), Laura Vazquez (Shadow Director of Communications), Robin Bonthrone (Shadow Director of Finance), Tristan Foy (Shadow Director of Membership), and Waleska Ghini Bonthrone (Shadow Director of Professional Development).

The Board is grateful to our shadow volunteers and to the members of our stellar nominating committee – Esther Diaz, Patricia Thickstun de Ribes, and Mike Magee – for their assistance in recruiting our shadows.