AATIA kicks off year with a networking-oriented meeting

On Saturday, January 12, we enjoyed our first general meeting of the year, hosted by our new president Marco Hanson. More than 30 people attended, and we got to see some new faces. We hope they will come back! Marco introduced the new Board of Directors and thanked the departing Board for their many contributions to our organization.

As a way to interact and network, we split into four groups and played Scrabble, Bananagrams, and Crossword Picante – word games for word people. This was a wonderful opportunity for the players to introduce themselves to the other players at the table in an informal setting, and both regular attendees and newcomers seemed to appreciate this approach. We split the game sessions in two, so people could switch to a different game and/or a different group.

Members who had not yet participated in an online survey on possible 2019 meeting and workshop topics had the chance to do so on the spot, as Marco approached the different groups with computer in hand. Watch for an announcement of our 2019 meeting program soon.

As we played the games, we talked about our shared profession. This was a meeting to mingle, get to know other translators and interpreters whom we might work with, rely on, or even aspire to be.

Our next general meeting will be on March 9th. Watch “Upcoming Events” on our homepage for program information.