Getting to know you: recap of September 9th meeting

We are pleased to post the following review of our September 9th general meeting, with sincere thanks to our reviewer, longtime member and former AATIA President Michael Blumenthal.

Tony Beckwith welcomes attendees at Sept. 9th meeting

Spirits rose at the September 9th general meeting as each attendee spoke about her or his expertise and desires for further development. As Tony Beckwith went around the room inviting participants to introduce themselves, the energy grew as we got to know each other better as people and language specialists.

People expressed interest in learning more about how to identify clients and agencies, bookkeeping, marketing and using social media to promote their services, rates, tax planning, time management, preparation for the Federal Court Interpreter certification exam, and working in the fine arts, subtitling, radio, and film.

Medical, legal, and literary translation and interpretation specialists working in Spanish, English, German, French, Bengali, Portuguese, Japanese, and Vietnamese were present. Our group includes translators who have worked in radio and film, web site development, pharmaceutical companies, proofreading and editing, fine arts, and interpreters with experience with volunteer legal services and volunteer services for abused children, as well as court and conference interpreting.

Vivi Sasaki and Steve Mines

Mentors Maurine McLean, Steven Mines, Vivi Sasaki, and Leah Boone let us know about their experience in interpreter training, early childhood intervention, court interpretation, over-the-phone medical interpretation, and proofreading and editing. The importance of partnerships, specialty areas, client development, and continued learning were emphasized by mentors.

Kimiyo Maruo, Leah Boone and Tony Beckwith

Invoking the memory of Harvie Jordan, cofounder of AATIA and mentor and advocate for many of our members, Michael Blumenthal announced the formation of the 2017 Grant Proposal Screening Committee to provide stewardship of the $6,866.77 currently held by the fund set up to honor Harvie. Guidelines for proposals will be developed by the committee over the coming months.

Martyn Hitchcock and Jimena Rico

In all, 27 participants contributed to animate a feeling of community reminiscent of past meetings  held over the 32 years that the AATIA has been a haven for language professionals. Most of us started alone, with very little perspective and experience, but by acknowledging that, and working together, we will continue to succeed together.

AATIA’s next event will be a celebration of International Translation Day on September 30th at Malvern Books, 613 W 29th St, Austin, TX 78705 (map), 6 to 8 pm. The program will feature opening remarks by AATIA President Tony Beckwith, followed by bilingual readings in French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and English by Michele Aynesworth, Eduardo Aparicio, Antonella Del Fattore Olson, and Marian Schwartz. The evening will begin with a social hour from 6 to 7 p.m. for AATIA members and their guests.