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This JBCC-approved workshop will feature 8 hours of training, including the mandatory ethics training, enabling court interpreters licensed by the Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC) to fulfill their entire continuing education requirement for the year.

Note-taking for Court Interpreters will be led by Maurine McLean. Participants will learn how to invent and use symbols as a memory aid and then practice using them to take notes. By the end of the training, students will be able to take notes on a typical arraignment and interpret with at least 80% accuracy and completion. Continued practice will be emphasized and tips for how to practice will be given.

Listening and Concentration for Court Interpreters will be led by Eta Trabing and will complement Maurine’s note-taking session. Listening and concentrating are crucial to the work of a court interpreter – and to good note-taking. Participants will learn how to recognize what interferes with their listening and concentration and how to get rid of distractions, focus and pay attention.

Standards to Live By will explore how applying basic ethical principles can make life easier, both professionally and personally.       

Jeff Rinard from JBCC will also be on hand during the lunch break to give a brief talk and answer questions about JBCC licensing and continuing education requirements.