The French Connection

Camille Pissarro, Avenue de l’Opéra, soleil, matinée d’hiver (1898)

The  Spring issue of Source, the online publication of the Literary Division of the American Translators Association (ATA) is now online. This edition, titled “The French Connection,” features Tony Beckwith’s “Remembrance of Things Past,” which describes a stroll through Paris, and Patrick Saari’s “Wildflowers,” a  thought-provoking article on the pensées of Lévi-Strauss. Also included is Patrick’s interview of Source editor Michelle McKay Aynesworth about her translation of Charles Rist’s WWII diary, Season of Infamy.

In addition, Nanette McGuinness reviews French graphic novels in translation and Dan Aynesworth rounds out the issue with a look at Hugo’s Les Misérables.

The Spring issue, in addition to all the interesting articles, is a visual feast, with numerous illustrations, including several of Tony Beckwith’s cartoons.

Source is edited by AATIA members Michele Aynesworth and Tony Beckwith, assisted by copy-editor Patrick Saari, an  honorary member of AATIA’s Literary Special Interest Group (LitSIG). Download Source now.