2020 Board election results

AATIA Secretary Sarah Baiz has announced the results of the recent election for the AATIA Board of Directors. All the current Board members have been reelected.

Hearty congratulations and many thanks to Marco Hanson (President), Sarah Baiz (Secretary), Jimena Rico Rojas (Director of Communications), Michael Meigs (Director of Finance), Tristan Foy (Director of Membership), and Macarena Barrera (Director of Professional Development).

The Board is looking for volunteers to help with each of the  positions in 2020: Assistant Director of Communications, Assistant Director of Finance, Assistant Director of Membership, Assistant Director of Professional Development, Assistant Secretary and Assistant to the President. If you’d like to get more involved in the group, but aren’t ready to run for a board position, this is the perfect solution. Please email info@aatia.org and let us know which of these areas sounds interesting. No obligation for asking!