Letter from the Board

General Meeting
We had a good meeting on September 10. A sizeable turnout for two very interesting presentations, both of which shone a light on different aspects of translation in

the digital age. Longtime member Frank Dietz talked about software localization, a multibillion-dollar global industry that adapts programs or apps to a specific locale or market. Frank gave a general introduction to the methods, tools, and issues involved in the localization process, and then presented his own work for the online game “Gardens of Time” as a test case.

After the usual snacks and chat session (a favorite part of the afternoon for many members), Tony Beckwith gave a presentation based on an article published in the

Frank Dietz presenting at Sept. 10th meeting

Frank Dietz presenting at Sept. 10th meeting

current ATA Chronicle, “Where Does Language Fit in with Big Data?” by Don Depalma, the founder of Common Sense Advisory (CSA). The article explains how the vast flow of data being generated in our digital world is being mined and analyzed by global marketers who use machine translation but also need human translators for the post-edit phase. Both presentations were optimistic that language services in a global market are a growth niche.

Internet scams
They have become a regular part of the online experience. Some are worse than others, none are welcome. Some unfortunately come through the AATIA website, something we sadly can’t do much to prevent when the whole point of our site is to put our Member Directory out on the “Information Superhighway.” Members send us copies of the scam mails they receive, which helps us to pass on alerts and warnings. The best protection is to be cautious. Think before you click.

International Translation Day Celebration at Malvern Books

International Translation Day Celebration at Malvern Books

International Translation Day, September 30
This year we celebrated our special day at Malvern Books. The evening began with a social hour (a time for snacks and chat), and at 7 there was a reading by three poet/translators. About 50 or 60 people attended, including many newcomers. It was just the sort of thing St. Jerome would have enjoyed. We hope to organize a similar event in the spring to showcase translators and their work. Keep checking this website for updates.

Board elections will be happening soon. More about that very shortly.

We look forward to seeing you at our next General Meeting on Saturday, November 12. Details to follow.

The Board